Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sunbathing at St.Mary's Island

"That beach sand in your hair, that beach wind in your face and that salty beach smell. Those are the secret ingredients to my Beach Therapy
- Nishma Khetia.

Manipal is very much like Forks, the rainy gloomy town that you see in the Twilight series. A few kilometers away from Manipal University and you will be surrounded by the forests of the Western Ghats of India. Other than college activities and course work there is not much a student can do other than travel. Which is kinda perfect, right? If you have watched or read the Twilight book you would remember that one beach that Bella went to with Jacob called La Push? This blog post is about Manipal’s very own La Push beach. No, it is not the commercialized Malpe or Kapu beach. It is St.Mary’s island, a place with clear blue waters and an interesting history.

St.Mary’s island has distinct rock formation known as the columnar basaltic lava and is one of the four geological monuments in Karnataka. According to folk history, people believe that Vasco da Gama landed at the island and fixed a mother Mary cross giving it its name. This beach just keeps getting more and more like La Push. It is also believed to be connected to Madagascar before the whole continental drift happened. I loved Geography back in school and all this information topped with my travel bug took me to St.Mary’s island.

I put on my beach maxi dress and left around 10 am in the morning from Manipal. St.Mary’s is easily accessible by boat from Malpe beach which is 12km from Manipal. We took a bus to Malpe. It was a full-house day at the beach because of a public holiday but we decided to go ahead and be a part of the crowd! The waiting for the boat can take to about an hour but you can laze around at Malpe and have some ice-creams which was what we did.

The boat ride was fun and took about 20minutes. The island looked beautiful as our boat approached it. My mind was already racing ahead thinking of all the aesthetic photos I would get to take. The last boat back from the island was at around 4 pm so we had a few hours to chill and sunbathe. The island has not been commercialized and therefore it is hard to find any restaurants or food there so I would suggest carrying a picnic basket with a few snacks and water.

The rock formations on the island were truly beautiful and unlike anything I had seen before. I tried to photograph my experience and my friend helped me. As we got lost into our photo shoot we missed a bunch of crows trying to attack our chips bag! We had to save it and fight them off. We took a long relaxing walk around the island and climbed on few of the higher rocks to enjoy the top view of the beach. The ride back was uneventful. I wish we were allowed to set up a tent/camp on the island. My thoughts continued as the sound of the crashing waves played as background music and before I knew it Dora-the-explorer was back to reality.

If you are in or plan to visit Manipal be sure to save some time to check out this place and you will not be disappointed.

 (Try saying that 5 times faster!)

-Start your day early so you get enough time on the island.
-Carry some food and remember to stay hydrated as it can get sunny.
- The island is usually closed during monsoon (June-September) due to the rough ocean.
-Don’t forget your beach essentials: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, and Flipflops!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to comment below with your favorite beach trips or where you are planning to go this summer break. Like, comment and follow Hakuna Matata :)
Signing off,
-Nishma Khetia.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Real Talk: Overthinking.

At three in the morning, I lay awake in my bed, twisting and turning, begging for sleep to take me I started questioning my sanity. I have not been diagnosed but lying in my bed when my brain is in overdrive, thinking in repeating loops about my behavior has convinced me of having mild levels of insomnia and overthinking disorder.

I plan and organize or should I say over-thinking and over-analyzing?
A little bit of planning never hurts anyone, right? In fact, it's even considered effective to increase your efficiency. But what happens when your plans take over your life? More importantly what when they don't work out?

Anyone who knows me personally would have seen me get upset when they cancel a plan they made with me. I'm sure no one likes being ditched but I take this more personally and seriously. I know it's very wrong of me. The reason one tends to do so is because they only have the understanding to their side of the story. This is why when you cancel on someone else you don't tend to feel as guilty as you should. It is because you know the exact reasons behind your actions, and to you, those reasons can fully justify your actions.

Everyone has a mental list of tasks they need to accomplish during the day. It can be challenging to switch one task with a leisure activity or the other way around. It is a matter of how important the task/activity is on your priority list and the impact of scheduling it later. The time gap that opens up when a plan is canceled and how to use it efficiently is an important skill that I am struggling to develop. Also, the excitement and the anticipation leading up to the plan goes down the drain and then pouring down come to the tears of mixed anger and sadness of rejection. Okay, maybe that's a mouthful to read but that is exactly how I feel.

The silver lining to my problem is that I am optimistic. After a small breakdown, I channel my energy to something positive. Always. However, the breakdowns are what bother me. I hate the periodic sessions of vulnerability. Sometimes they lead to lasting headaches. The state of emotional turmoil would mentally drain me. Any academic work during this time is out of the question and during a crucial period of examination, this downtime is unacceptable.The loud, tall girl with a strong exterior is after all just human.

Stress and anxiety are the biggest foes when you have an overthinking problem. Examinations or peak business months can be very challenging times as it restricts your ability to take healthy mental breaks as you are forced to lock yourself up to study or to work. After some research on how to overcome overthinking behaviour, I have come up with the following techniques that can be easily implemented and overtime shall help myself and anyone out there who suffers from the same.

 5 Ways to Overcome Overthinking: 

1. Awareness.
Isn't this the word thrown around the most these days but I guess its about time. You need to first acknowledge the fact that you are an overthinker. It should be easy because if you are anything like me, you already know it and you wish you could just take a break from your 'thoughts'.

2.Distract yourself with mindful activities.
Please note the word mindful before you take in the note distract. That is crucial. It can be anything that you truly enjoy. A sport, cleaning your house, working on an interesting project, learning a new language, community service! The options are endless. Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing things you actually love than waste it on 'thinking'? If the activity drives you it can be safe to say you will enjoy it and take away the negative hours from your life.

3.Reflection is the key.
Your hectic schedule does not allow you to exercise and I am telling you to reflect? Am I crazy? Hold on and hear me out. Ten minutes of your day with yourself and a journal can take you a long way. 'Talking about it' or 'complaining' to your friends will not be helpful in the long run. Take some time out for yourself. Write one thing you are grateful for every day in your journal along with whatever is bothering you. Once your ten minutes are overlock away your problems in your journal because it is time to rule the world.

4.Live Now.
Live in the present. “Iif you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, and if you are at peace you are living in the present.” What is the point in worrying about the things which cannot be changed and the future over which you have no control? Always ask yourself this question "Will this matter in 5 years?" The answer will most probably no then do not spend more than 5minutes worrying about it. Also ask yourself 'What can I do?' instead of 'Why did that happen' or 'How/What if that happens'. Ultimately the only thing 'you can do' is work on yourself. Improve your skills, study, indulge in self-care because at the end of the day that is what is going to help solve all your future problems.

5.Your best friend: Endorphin.
Endorphin also known as happy hormone can be collected. It almost sounds like a Pokemon hunt but it is going to leave you happier than catching a rare Pokemon. It is scientifically proven that physical exercise and sports can generate endorphins. It makes you feel good about yourself. It will also give you a good night, good quality sleep and be beneficial for your health. You will have no time to worry about anything when you have to worry about your gym and shower schedule while maintaining a job/college schedule and that is exactly what you need.

Other extremely good ideas include listening to music, watching motivational videos/Ted Talks, reading non-fictional books to keep you busy.

On that note, I will conclude this blog post. I hope it was relatable. Please do share it with your friends who you think would find this helpful because trust me, one good read is all it takes to feel motivated again and come out of the overthinking loop. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below. Also, do not forget to follow my blogs via email or by simply following me on Google.
Signinng off,
Nishma Khetia.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Travel Diaries:The Highland Escape

"Let's wander where the wifi is weak"

According to a Ted Talk on successful students, one of the biggest difference setting them apart from the normal crowd is that when they plan their timetable they first plan when they will take breaks and what fun activities can be incorporated in these breaks. Yes, you heard me right.

I don't claim to know squat about success. I post photos with motivating captions and quotes but what I can learn from this Ted Talk is that taking a break to refresh yourself is absolutely necessary. The most hectic time in my college schedule comes during Jan-June. It is always packed with deadlines that are directly proportional increase to increase in stress level.

To calm my nerves after my exams, I decided to reward myself with a quick getaway so I would be fresh for my university exams ahead (or so I tell myself to validate bunking labs on Saturday. Stupid six full-day schedule). Anyway, coming back to the point, this time I decided to go with my ex-roommate and bestie, Sonia Lasong Swami all the way from Malaysia.

We booked a homestay in Therathavalli, 18 kilometers from Agumbe in Karnataka, India. Agumbe is easily accessible by bus. We left Manipal at 6 pm on 31st March 2016 and reached Highland Homestay by 9 pm. It was a beautiful house and they served us with some delicious South Indian dinner. We had a long day planned ahead but we stayed up till midnight chatting in true roommate fashion.

The next morning we got a driver to pick us up, we had booked the ride for the full day so we could explore to our heart's desire. We started with Kavaledurga fort. It was one of the many in the Vijayanagar empire, the same one that ruled Hampi back in the day. It was a small hike to the top and left us refreshed and pumped for the day ahead. A scenic view of the hills greeted us at the top. I have had my fair share of good views but this one still took my breath away.

For breakfast, we had neer dosa which is something in between a roti and a dosa but it was very tasty. We then went to Beemanakatte hanging bridge and a nearby temple. The bridge was beautiful and reminded me of the one from the movie Rangoon that was shot in Burma. What a location! It is definitely on my bucket list.The homestay was spoiling us with fresh juice and delicious lunch. We freshened up after lunch and then checked out of the homestay.

Our next stop was the Jain temple at Kundadri hills followed by Sringeri, a good 45 kilometers away from the homestay. It has a famous temple monastery made in the 8th Century which was later renovated. The old temple is located at the bank of Tungabhadra river. There was a hanging bridge above this river as well but the water level was very shallow. It was early evening and we had to catch the sunset at Agumbe.


Agumbe roads are not a joke and can make the best of the travelers puke-ish due to the crazy hair'pin turns. Luckily we didn't puke. Once there we tried paddle boating in a small lake and then watched the beautiful sunset. Our driver then dropped us to the bus stop for our bus back to Manipal.

The quick trip was just what I needed because as I write this I just got done with one exam, two days after this trip and I have one very hard coming up in the next two days. Personally, I spent a little more than my budget mainly because it was only two of us sharing the ride and the room. I spent 3000 rupees but for the efficiency of the trip made it was worth it.

I hope you my travel blog post inspired you to look forward to your own upcoming travel plans. Go ahead and take that trip because life is too short to waste Sundays on sleeping in. (As I write this at 2 am on Saturday that's exactly what I plan to do tomorrow ;) But you can aim for one short outdoor activity a month :))

Feel free to leave thoughts and feedback in the comments below. Is there any place you recommend that I should visit before I graduate in May let me know below.

Photography: All photos are taken by me. You can check out my Instagram and facebook for more photos. Quick links available on the side panel. 


Signing off,
Nishma Khetia.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

My Internship at Biocon (Bangalore)

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn"
-Benjamin Franklin.

When it comes to dreams, a lot of us are hands down generic dreamers. After all, generic is classic. My story was no different. Internship at a big firm in a metro city, living on coffee and making it on my own. That was my big, generic, student dream. Yes, I would have loved to travel instead for a month like those AISEC people and change lives but I didn't have that kind of cash. I could have also done the regular thing students do in summer breaks- go home and visit my parents. But, I was hoping for a miracle and like my classic risk-taker self, I put all my bets on Biocon, Bangalore- India's biggest Biotech firm.

The only contact I had in Biocon was my a friend's dad who knew someone, who knew someone (Yes, so that was my risky bet). After sending in my resume around March, I waited and sent relentless follow-up emails until I got a call from the HR Department. The main reason I wanted to do an internship was to figure out what my calling was. I was debating between Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Management. My goal was to get a Marketing internship. I think Digital Marketing would be perfect for me. I practically live on planet internet.

Finally, two days after my university exams got over, that was May end, I got a confirmation from Biocon. I was going to be an intern in the HR Department. It was close to what I had aimed for and so I happily accepted. One month internship beginning June 17, 2016 at the Biocon headquarters in Bangalore.I arrived in Electronic City, Bangalore two days early and settled in a Paying Guest that I had found online with the help of a friend. The struggles of my stay at the PG is a blog post on its own (The Life And Lies Of A Paying Guest ).

On my first day in Biocon, I discovered that the company had three campuses and my PG was not as close to the office where I was going to be working. I had to take the shuttle between the Biocon campuses every morning and evening. On the first day at the HR Department, I was introduced to the team and given a work desk. I was on Cloud 9! Everyone was very warm and welcoming. I slowly learned the work flow. My office was concerned with recruiting positions for the Biocon field force all over India. As a Biotech and a Pharmaceutical firm we naturally needed a lot of field sales representatives. Screening hundreds of incoming emails from candidates and matching them with the job description, salary and experience level was no simple task. I saw the team do it effortlessly like true professionals and did I mention I was an intern in the HR Department. The swag they had was that of Jessica Pearson and Donna from Suits, COMBINED!

My internship allowed me to transform myself from someone who feared phone calls with strangers to someone who did about five basic phone interviews with candidates who matched the job profiles. As I got better and more helpful, I was assigned more tasks and I loved every bit of it. Coffee breaks were the best. They were like short episodes on Adulting 101 where everyone talked about their life, struggles and how to solve everyday problems. They were all in their late twenties or thirties and had made it to one of the best firms so I could rest assured that they knew what they were doing.In my third week of internship, we had an office party to celebrate some promotions. I can say that was the most fun I had at a party with a lot of strangers and my ride back was an interesting one too, where I overcame my fear of small talk (The Not So Small: Small Talk). I had grown as a person during my one month in Bangalore.

Bangalore or any other city for that matter, grinds you, the traffic is merciless. The area, Electronic city was filled with industries and didn't have the neighborhood friendly cafes that I had dreamed of. But that's where the difference between movies and reality lies.Hakuna Matata is an optimistic blog but we cannot compromise the reality for the price of positivity. They both go hand in hand.

Overall it was a much-needed trailer of the reality that is life, that every student deserves to experience before they complete their undergraduate degree. This was my story and while you may think my struggles were big, now, as I look back at them I find them very irrelevant and small in the bigger and greater aspects of life. My best friend Anjana, for example, had applied to  ten internships and after all her hard work she got accepted into an all expense covered internship in Japan in the National Institute of Genetics. 

To conclude this blog post, I will say keep dreaming, take risks, hustle hard and you will surely achieve your goals. The real success lies outside your comfort zone so keep throwing yourself in uncomfortable situations like I did because that uncomfortable zone is the place which allows you to metamorph into adulthood,


I would like to thank my friend Sai Pooja's dad without who I would not have gotten that first contact. Sometimes a sinking Rose just needs that little support to survive ;) (And yes, she survived without Jack. No, you don't die from heartbreak).

If anyone from Biocon stumbles upon this blog, I would like to thank the entire HR team at Biocon House that mentored me during my stay. We need more companies in this country with a work ethic like that of Biocon.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. If you found it relatable or inspirational please let me know and share it with your friends. You can subscribe to my blog to get notified via email every time I post on my blog. Thanks for reading and keep smiling.
Signing off,
-Nishma Khetia

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Adrenaline Fix At The Coorg Adventure Club

"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an Adventure"
-William Feather.

My adventure to Coorg was very refreshing. The adrenaline rush proved to be therapeutic. Yes, traveling could be heavy for your pocket but so can western medicine. I suggest you take that trip!In a span of almost one month I had written my GRE, college exams, and TOEFL. If that was not reason enough to take a break I didn't know what was. Not that I need a reason to travel. I would pack my bags tonight and leave but attendance shortage!

We had planned our Coorg activities privately, prior to leaving Manipal. The timing was perfect. My friends, Anushka, Krupali and I finished our TOEFL in Bangalore on 29th October. It was Diwali break in college and we couldn't have been happier. All we needed to do was get on the bus to Madikeri from Bangalore. Madikeri and Virajpet, thirty kilometers away from each other are the two big towns in Coorg. The night bus dropped us at Madikeri at 5 in the morning and we got a cab to Virajpet. The cab ride was 1000 rupees but we decided to take it anyway because the other option would have been to wait for a bus for one hour in the freezing cold. Our two-night stay in Coorg had just begun as we checked into the Coorg Adventure Club.

The Club owner and our instructor were very friendly. After some rest and breakfast, we were all ready to start. We made a new friend, Eden,  who was also staying at the Club dorm. Our guide took us for our first trek. The trek was rocky filled with steep ascends.  At some places, we had to use ropes and pull ourselves up. I was about to give up but the motivation from my friends kept me going. The view from the top was breathtaking. We bathed in the winter sun and enjoyed the picturesque view of the valley below. After some rest and photography (obviously!) we were ready to make our way back to the adventure club.

Zip lining across the lake and kayaking were on our bucket list and we ticked that off on the same evening. Zip lining got me very excited and I was glad I did not chicken out of it. I was the last one to go for zip lining but the first one to try kayaking. It was a small boat that could hold only one person at a time and that left us with no choice but to peddle our way around the lake. Coordinating the peddle boat took a few minutes to master but made perfect sense one you got a hang of it. We were exhausted by dinner time due to the morning trek as well as the bus ride from the night before. After enjoying a warm bonfire we called it a day and went to bed.

Our second day was spent in Kabbe village which was an hour from Coorg. Our guide took us on another trek promising us that it would be easier. He was right. It was cold and foggy while we trekked up. It rained when we were at the peak. We got drenched and the cold did not help. To make matters worse we had leeches sucking our blood, literally. As the cloud cover got thin we headed down as we were starving. For lunch, our hosts had spoken to a homestay called Kabbe holidays. It was some of the best home food I have ever had. We enjoyed the delicious food whole-heartedly. The family was very welcoming and it was easy to make conversation. We did not want to leave but we still had two more places to explore.

Our instructor led us to a beautiful waterfall where we had a wonderful time after which we went to explore beautiful coffee plantations of the owner of the Coorg Adventure Club. They even showed us pepper, chikoo, oranges and a few other plants. It was an amazing evening all together. We made our way back from Kabbe to the club house as we sipped hot tea in the auto rickshaw. Dinner that night was delicious. We had another bonfire and our hosts even got us homemade fruit wine.

Coorg, the Scotland of India had been an experience of a lifetime. The next morning we had breakfast before we said our goodbyes and started our return journey. The journey back is a story on its own. Let's just say we changed four buses and it took us ten hours to get back instead of the normal five-hour journey between Coorg and Manipal. That brought me to the end of one adventure and now, this blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Until next time.
Signing off,
Nishma Khetia.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Time When I Missed My Flight

"When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it" - Henry Ford.
The lady at the info desk started tearing up as she watched me in tears mumbling words as I explained how I had missed my flight. It all started in Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Airport, Ahmedabad. I had just paid five hundred rupees for extra luggage and got my boarding pass for my Indigo flight to Mumbai from Ahmedabad. As I waited at my gate wondering if I should spend fifty rupees for my second cup of tea that morning, I picked up an announcement that my flight was delayed by two hours.
A lot of people got up in panic to inquire further and I joined them. My flight that was scheduled for departure at 10.20am was delayed due to weather conditions in Delhi. I could understand that the guy at the check in gate did not have much control over the weather but I needed him to help me. I had around two and half hours in Mumbai before my connecting flight to Mangalore. I already had a bad feeling about this. The announcement voice once again caught our attention as they confirmed that the delay would be just by one hour instead of two hours. I still spoke to the guy at the counter. My connecting flight was of Jet Airways which meant I had to collect my luggage and check in again. He spoke in a sweet customer service type voice and assured me that a one hour delay would not be a problem in Mumbai and he was putting my baggage into "priority" so I would get it sooner. I thanked him and returned to my seat. I did finally get my tea because I was really anxious and there was no calm zone until I reached Manipal.
The flight was uneventful. On landing I tried to get out of the aircraft first but no one understood my plea of the possibility of missing a connecting flight. We waited for our luggage on the rotating belt. The bags started popping up. My bag was no where in sight. After ten minutes I finally went to the window like place that looked out to the runway and gave the description of my bag to the ground force worker in charge.
I rushed with my bags looking for a Jet Airways counter at the Terminal 1of Domestic Airport, Mumbai. There was no Jet Airways counter at this terminal! Only Indigo, Spice Jet and had flights departing from here. I knew I was in deep shit. I rushed to get a prepaid airport taxi that cost me 260 rupees. Then there was the long taxi queue. I was already in tears. I told the taxi lady to make it quick. I was in Mumbai traffic! The 4.8km distance was the most difficult car ride of my life. I reached the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai at 1.25pm and my flight was departing at 1.55pm. The Jet Airways counter was open for flights to Jaipur. They said they could not help me. They told me the next flight to Mangalore was at 6pm and directed me to that counter which was not open yet but there was a fair boy in his late twenties behind the counter. I explained him my situation. The bastard did not look at me nor did he show any concern whatsoever.
I then went to the Indigo counter and was told "Maam, we only deal with International departures. The domestic Indigo flights are from T1". I had no idea if I went back would I even get a flight. There was no way I was going to buy a last minute flight ticket from my money. I could not call my mom because she would go into shock. That was when I went to the info desk lady in tears.
Her voice was breaking as she asked me to take a seat and wait. After 10-15minutes, two Indigo airline staff came to talk to me. The man told me that it was a rule to have a 3 hour gap between connecting flights. This made my blood boil. I replied "Why don't you enforce this rule on us when we book our online tickets?" A computer can easily pick this up and not allow one to book but nothing was done about that. I told him about the Ahmedabad Indigo staff who very well knew that my connecting Jet flight was  going to be at another airport but as he did not want to deal with my problem he did not  bother telling me this.
After watching me in hyper defensive mode they asked me to calm down and returned a few minutes later. I had a ticket on the 6pm Jet flight to Mangalore. Phew! I then called my parents to inform them of the happenings. The 6pm flight was delayed to 7pm but I did finally reach my destination, my home, Manipal, maybe for one last time. It is my final semester of my B Pharm degree (That is, if I clear Medicinal Chemistry).
What I think needs to be done to prevent other people from facing similar situation to mine :
1) Free transport should be provided between the airports and it should be supervised by the airport department.
2) Preventing passengers from booking tickets with a small time gap between connecting flights in case the terminals are far away from each other. The online flight booking system needs to be updated to pick up on cases like these.
3) Also, if you are an airport worker or any other human in general, help those in need. Seriously.
Sticking to the theme (Hakuna Matata) of my blog posts, I must end on a positive note. I got a good blog post out of this and now I can possibly drink in the 'never have I ever' game in case we talk about missing flights *face palm*.  On that note, I come to the end of this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it.  
Signing off,
Nishma Khetia.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Simple Yet Difficult: What Should I Eat Today?

The holiday season is upon us. You are at home enjoying your mother's extra dose of ghee cooking or perhaps you are on vacation with your friends. In any case, the last ten days of the year have set into motion. With Christmas and New Years around the corner you can say goodbye to your diet food and get ready to enjoy all the food options I am about to list ahead. You can have the new year resolutions of healthy eating once the clock ticks twelve on New Years (of course that's after you have sobered down the next morning and are done with all the new year partying ;p )

If you are anything like me (a total foodie) or even a person who enjoys food then this blog post is for you! If you are a full time fitness junkie who lives on protein shakes and salads, I suggest you pick another one of my travel posts to read because everything from here on is going to be on #CalorieOverLoad. 

When you are spending on food or have a lot of options to pick from what do you pick? Not Paneer again! I understand the pain of being a vegetarian with limited food options. For a few months now, I have been trying to think of everythingpossible that is both delicious and fun. Here are a few options that I have come up with:

Breakfast at Hampi: Potatoes, French Toast, Baked Beans & Tea

The only reason I get out of bed on most days is the idea of a good breakfast. I could marry breakfast if it was a person. On a more serious note, it is the most important meal of the day and a good breakfast would give you the right boost of energy and set you in the right mood for your day ahead.

Uttapam at BQ Canteen, Manipal :)

An English breakfast, Parathas, Idli/Dosa, Toast and Cereal, Eggs, Uttapam/ Upma, Poha the list goes on. Breakfast is something you can plan ahead to ensure you don't get lazy and starve yourself.

Chocolate Banana Pancake at Hampi

Chocolate Waffle at Sultan's, Manipal :D

Coin Paratha and Sabji at New International Mess, Manipal
Having a light lunch in the Holiday season is out of question unless maybe you are on a shopping-spree (because Christmas sale, duh!) and decide to have a milkshake on the go. Gujarati family lunch is not complete without sweet dish and at least three servings of main course! Okay, a little exaggeration but you get the point. 

 Roti and Sabji (Curry) is the most delicious especially when you have it at home. You can also have daal, rice, curd, pickle, papad to add to your main lunch! 

Noodles at KMC Food Court, Manipal

If you are bored of the desi food your quick and easy solutions would be noodles/ fried rice, falafel/ wraps.

Falafel at Hampi

  Around 5pm when hunger strikes instead of making maggi try out these delicious snacks and you'll probably end up skipping dinner. 
Nachos at Sotally Tober, Bangalore.
 Nachos: You cannot resist some cheesy nachos with veggies with salsa sauce. Yummy! 

Gobi Manchurian at Kamath Circle, MIT, Manipal.

Gobi Manchurian : If you are going to eat this please eat it on the streets and don't let your mom convince you to let her cook it. You know it has to be just enough crispy and crunchy to be just right.

Pav Bhaji : Trust me when I tell you this, the best Pav Bhaji you can get is in winter! All the veggies are fresh and green and it's just delicious with the melted butter on the bread and the onion with the lemon garnish. I am hungry already.
Pav Bhaji opposite Bookmark, Manipal.

Masala Fries: Just the right amount of spicy! Who doesn't love some fried potatoes?
Masala Fries at Snack Shack,Manipal.

Momos at Hampi

Momos: The day is not over until you sneak out of the house for a evening stroll and return with a tummy full of steamed momos! And the chutney that comes with it.
Nachos at SOCIAL, Church Street, Bangalore.

Mix at Dar-es-salaam.

Nachos Again: If you did not order Nachos twice, did you even go to the restaurant? I didn't think so.

Mix:If you are reading this from Tanzania and you're like where is Mix, I got you covered homie <3 
After a full day of eating you still have to have your dinner or else mom will get mad. Whether it's simple Rajma Chawal or dinner at some fancy restaurant you must choose wisely because the holidays are going to get over soon.

Bruschetta at The Church Street Social, Bangalore.

Cheese Tomato Salad, Epidor, Dar.

You can go for any cuisine of your choice : Indian, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian as long as you have a recipe book, or a Master Chef Mom or some cash in your pocket!
Daal Makhani Buter Naan at New International Mess, Manipal
Pizza at Pizza Hut.

Pizza: You didn't think I was not going to include Pizza, did you? Pizza is Bae

That's all for now folks! What do you plan to eat next? Leave your answer below. Happy eating. I hope you this blog post has inspired you to try some food items that you don't usually eat. Go ahead and spoil yourself :) Happy Holidays.

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Sunbathing at St.Mary's Island

"That beach sand in your hair, that beach wind in your face and that salty beach smell. Those are the secret ingredients to my Be...